What People Say About Working With JR

The JR Rickinger Company. is proud to have received these unsolicited testimonials provided by
these marketing professionals and companies that JRC delivered branding and complete creative/marketing support.  I’ve been very fortunate in my 48 year professional career to have personally with some of the biggest names in just about every industry. These are just a few.

Everything happens for a reason! Throughout my marketing career, I have had the privilege to work in various industries with talented professionals who have remarkably diverse backgrounds. The opportunity to head-up global marketing for Metso’s metal recycling division was no exception. There were exciting challenges coming into a division with no dedicated marketing staff or structure. During my first week, I quickly became acquainted with new colleagues around the globe, and various vendors, including JR Rickinger. Most of the vendors were simply order takers. JR was different! JR served as more than a creative services vendor. He took time to listen to my strategies and grasp my vision. His knack for posing the right questions and working through suggestions helped enhance and unify our messaging. This collaboration helped drive internal alignment, but more importantly deliver compelling marketing collateral that engaged our audience. JR is a dedicated partner! His sincere honesty, passion and dedication to deliver customer-centric results was not only refreshing but provided the comfort that projects would be completed accurately and on time, every time. I recall times when I was traveling internationally, when JR would check-in during the middle of his night to make sure I had everything I needed. JR is a true professional and a good man who looks out for your best interest. I highly recommend JR for your marketing strategy and creative services requirements. Undoubtedly, you will be introduced to improved messaging strategies that drive new opportunities. I have moved on to new career adventures, but proud to have JR as a friend who still checks-in to make sure I have what I need. Do the right thing and good things will fall into place.

Brian S. Smith – Marketing & Business Development Advisor – ENGAGE Marketing, Dayton, OH

John Rickinger (J.R.) possesses the unusual ability to blend creative ideas with deep strategic thinking. During the 16-plus years I’ve known him, he has displayed an almost uncanny ability to see solutions when others simply see problems. He examines marketing challenges, not simply with a ‘how do I make a cool ad’ point of view, but with strong consideration of a client’s business objectives, market conditions, and the perceptions of a targeted audience. Then he responds with powerful ideas that win customers. That’s why he is a go-to resource when I need additional support for my own agency and for my clients.

Jeffrey Hoffman – Owner-President – The Hoffman Agency, Jacksonville, FL

“ConExpo 2011 was a very important show for SANY America, for the simple reason that we were introducing five new cranes to the North American market. We were also introducing sixteen brand new products for North America and we needed to have a marketing force and commitment to show the world what we were doing. We asked JR to come in and do that. JR put together our ad campaign, product brochures, branding information, signage and helped us get an image across in a very short amount of time, very professional and very quickly. We were very excited to have an opportunity to work with JR”

Kyle Nape – VP Global Sales & Marketing – SANY America

JR Rickinger and I have worked together on various projects over the past year and a half, and he was naturally my first choice to help me when I needed graphic design and branding for my own business last year. As with every project he and I have worked on, he delivered a finish product before our deadlines and went well beyond the extra mile to make sure I was completely happy with the finished product. In the future, when I need further development of marketing materials or product branding, JR will remain the first person I call.

If you are considering a branding or marketing campaign, JR Rickinger Company is the best investment you can make in the success of your campaign. JR has helped me with very expensive high-dollar advertising campaigns, and he has helped me with branding my own products. In every instance, JR treats every job with the same level of care.

If you would like to speak to me personally about the scope of projects I have worked on with JR, please ask him for my email address or phone number and I will be happy to connect with you. His attention to detail and ability to conceptualize the direction of a campaign are unmatched by anyone I have worked with in the past, and I cannot speak highly enough of his work.

Sean Mangieri – CEO – New Liberty International Trading Company

John “JR” Rickinger is one of those rare professionals with both strong business acumen and a deep understanding  of technology, which allows him to successfully perform across a number of different functions. He’s a creative original and at the same-time a strategic thinker, equally at home in front of upper management  and working with equipment operators at the job site.

JR’s in-depth knowledge of the construction industry has proven invaluable and saved our company money while building our reputation. That type of expertise is both rare and invaluable. JR has also demonstrated  his ability to quickly build rapport and trust with our equipment dealers and end customers. He has been our eyes and ears on the job site. I know that I can trust and count on JR when he visits one of our quarries or construction sites, and he doesn’t require a lot of hand holding. When we work with JR on a field assignment, I know it will be done efficiently and within the budget.

“I have worked closely with JR on a number of different types of projects, ranging from new product launch to brand positioning to customer success stories to event coordination. He also helped us develop the Metso DOM-The Distributor Operation Manual being used in North America and Globally. In addition to his professional skills, JR is a real pleasure to work with. He is flexible, personable and always willing to go the extra mile. I have first-hand knowledge of JR’s value to our company’s marketing program, and would be pleased to provide additional observations and references if it would be helpful. I can tell you that JR is passionate about his work, and his dedication makes a real difference in his approach to any challenge.”

Linda Bergmann – Marketing Communications Analyst – Metso Mining and Construction 

“I was involved in hiring or recommending JR for three specific projects/companies starting with a 1991 launch campaign to rebrand our company, then to bolster our trade show brand and attendance with a global feel and then to give our other trade show a new brand and boost our attendance. JR did a great job with ConExpo in 1999 and when we needed to create a great theme and support materials for our ICUEE show. JR has always been creative and full of energy. He is passionate about his work and the projects he works on and most of all he tries to really understand your business so he can be more effective. I also consider him a friend.”

Al Cervero – Senior VP – AEMAssociation of Equipment Manufacturers

 “J.R. helped my association rejuvenate a long-dormant awards program with a superbly designed flyer. We used the document in our outreach to heighten awareness that the program was underway again, and the results from his work attained the intended goal. He did a great job for us.”

Rich Jefferson – Public Relations Director – AEM-Association of Equipment Manufacturers

 JR is uniquely positioned to provide expert communication counsel to the equipment and tool industries. As a seasoned creative director, account and agency leader with broad experiences engaging direct with customers, he brings both expert counsel and creative concepts to the table quickly, communicating the unique value equation that leads to corporate growth.

Louise Hermsen – Marketing Leader – DUECO Inc. – UELC – ODYNE Systems LLC

 I have had the opportunity and privilege of working with JR for many years. Right from our first meeting, I found him engaging, knowledgeable of our markets, a quick-study on our products and eager to get things done and done right. And through our years working together he has time and again proven to be the “goto” guy for our marketing and creative needs.

When you ask JR for help or input, you get 100% of his energy, creative and ideas. It’s not just developing a piece of support literature or creating a magazine ad, he gets deep into the proposed marketing strategy, reviews the anticipated or needed results and helps develop outcomes and deliverables to meet those needs. Personally, I have always appreciated his ability to boil a project down to its essence. Based on that one nugget of truth that set our product apart from all others, we were able to quickly and easily develop a complete marketing program for this product. And the result – it was the most successful launch of a new product in our division.

Customers crowded into our booth at the trade show. Our salesmen were energized, up to speed on the features and benefits and had support materials. Our distributors were eager to see the product and begin the joint sales effort. And JR was with us, helping to lead the way through each step of the process… from the initial analysis and brainstorming, verification with research support, creation of the deliverables, motivating the sales team and even promoting on the trade show floor. JR becomes a member of the team.

Through the years, JR has helped me in many ways. He developed a complete new trade show booth that had the flexibility to be use in both large and small booth shows. He has solved last minute problems on the trade show floor and has been a partner in walking shows to gather field and competitor information. He has pointed me to new marketing technology and ideas. He is also the master of the photo shoot, whether it’s in a studio setting or right out in the field at a large, operating aggregate customer’s site. He can talk-the-talk and walk-the-walk with the sales team as well. They recognize his years of industry experience and knowledge and the fact that he listens to their inputs and needs. And JR doesn’t waste the time and money on 4-color idea layouts. I have always appreciated his quick, pencil renderings to show how an idea will work.

That way we were always able to look at many ideas before we selected the best one and proceed. For me, JR has become more than just a valued member of our marketing team he has become a mentor, confidant and friend. I would encourage any company looking to improve their marketing efforts and selling results to add JR to their team as well.

Bill Hoogewind – BCP Marketing & Training Manger (Retired) – Flexco, Grand Rapids

“JR is an experienced Marketing Communication Professional who had a lot experience working on all various aspects of product marketing effort in many industries. Listening to someone who had joined our team from SANY, he shared all of what he did for them. I flew to Wisconsin to meet JR and after an hour together, Kamin obtained the assistance of J.R. Rickinger to help us develop literatures and other marketing materials by. Two weeks later I got JR together with our team. We hit him with topics we needed including: target market opportunities, promote product features and benefits, create a value target customers and supportive sales plan. JR listened and came back with solutions that in a short time exceeded what we want to achieve.”

Ming Xie-VP Marketing-KaMin LLC (Atlanta, GA

We have had the pleasure to work with John Rickinger over the last 4 years. We were particularly impressed by his deep knowledge of marketing issues as well as his artistic vision.

John was particularly helpful in helping to translate our value proposition into effective tactics and marketing materials. The adverts, direct mail and other associated materials proved to be highly effective in conveying our key messages and resulted in a large number of qualified leads.

Jeffrey Hoffman – Vice President Business Development – LiteSteel Technologies America LLC

It is with privilege and humility that I write this recommendation about JR Rickinger. I’ve known JR from his last agency that he co-created. JR was instrumental in earning our Pest Management Division business in 2008. It was because of his business savvy and how creative is not just about things looking pretty, but how the results fit into the overall strategy.

Once JR became involved with our company, it was clear that his intense passion and work ethic would easily be injected into our campaigns. His high-energy and enthusiasm was contagious. I care much more about results than awards, but his efforts helped win a Business Marketing Association award – the highest award in that class that year.

JR’s zeal and desire to do high-quality work will not go unnoticed in your organization. I ask that you consider him whenever you need a creative solution to a challenging marketing project.

Jim Doll – Marketing Manager – Pest Management Division – Liphatech, Inc.

I have had the opportunity to work with John “JR” Rickinger while I was the Director of Product Marketing for Dresser Industries – Waukesha Engine. Our first project together was creating articles and media pieces for the promotion of our products used in the stand-by power generation market. The articles were centered on the City of Chicago Police Precinct stations and their Central 911 Headquarters. JR provided the leadership and creativity throughout the whole project from creative concept, to site visits including photography and interviews, to writing, layout and creation of the final products.

Our next project was to develop a campaign to re-establish customer confidence in a major product line. Changes in design to improve output and performance were not initially successful when launched to the field and a bad reputation was quickly established causing a significant decline in sales and reputation. Redesign corrected the problems however the reputation was tarnished and market share did not rebound.

Under JR’s leadership a complete campaign utilizing operator testimonials at sites that were using the corrected components was presented and implemented. Not only was market share regained, it was significantly increased realizing the initial goals of the product improvement.

In summary, I have had the privilege of working with JR, a veteran strategist of marketing for business-to –business heavy duty industrial companies. He possesses a unique understanding of the mind sets of this unique and very important segment of the United States economy. He brings straightforward, creative and innovative solutions to an established marketplace that generates attention and results for his clients.

David A. Hanson – Former Director of Product Marketing for Dresser Industries – Waukesha Engine

JR just has a way of pulling the right details together. I have worked with JR on a number of projects and have always been impressed by his ability to see the tree and the forest. He focuses on the project, but he understands how it fits into a greater scheme of the marketing message. His creative outlook and practical approach make him an outstanding source of ideas and results.

Melissa Schumacher – Market Manager at Allsteel – Former Marketing Communications Manager at Bemis

“JR’s tremendous creative abilities helped to guide our successful company logo evolution. He understood the parameters and helped lead the team through a complicated process. Has the ability to take a concept and create an image from it. A pleasure to work with.”

Paul Walter – Marketing Director – Vista-Worldwide

I have worked with JR Rickinger for over 25 years as a supplier of full service tradeshow exhibits to many of his clients. From the very start I realized that JR has a full understanding of the exhibit industry and exhibit design as well as that fine balance needed to work successfully with both client and supplier. In all of the projects that I have worked on with JR he has always been totally honest and fair with me as his supplier as well as his clients and that has produced some extremely successful exhibit projects for his clients.

Fred Meyer -Vice President / Co-Owner – Exhibitry Plus

“JR Rickinger’s expertise, insight and enthusiasm have been instrumental in building the Graphic Design program at Waukesha County Technical College. He is a long-standing, active member on our Advisory Board, frequent class speaker, portfolio reviewer and he continually demonstrates his commitment to building the design community in Milwaukee. Our students are fortunate to have JR as a mentor and source of inspiration. Plus, he plays drums and is the lead vocalist in a rock band “Room to Move”, so how cool is that?!? Where does he get his energy??”

Terry Rydberg – Instructor – Waukesha County Technical College

I have worked with JR Rickinger for many years– when he was with Celtic Advertising Charleston – Orwig, and the LePoidevin-Rickinger Group. Throughout each of these firms and various projects we worked on together, JR added value in the following ways:

• Excellent Creative – As a creative designer and manager of the process, the results of the actual creative process itself were always outstanding.

• Goal Oriented – JR is never interested in winning awards for great creative. Instead, he is focused on using the creative process and outcomes as tools to advance the overall goals of the client.

• Strategic Resource – A key component of JR’s approach is always ask questions that align with the marketing communication approach with the goals of the business. The purpose is not to create great marketing communication– rather it is to sell more, improve market position, etc.

• Marketing Research – JR is outstanding at leveraging marketing research to gain new understandings of market behavior and opportunities. His range is from intercept surveys to focus groups to quantitative research.

• Trade Show Experience– JR is an expert in guiding a firm’s exhibition from concept to follow up generating the best ROI that I have seen across a variety of industries.

Having hired JR several times, I am very pleased to recommend him for future clients, who I am certain will be very satisfied with the value they receive from him.

Lloyd Brown – Principal – Inflect Strategic Solutions

“JR is a joy to work with, blending razor sharp marketing insights, intuitive client perspective, and a welcome sense of humor. We always use JR when we need striking corporate logos, business cards, and letterhead designs that invigorate or express new corporate products, or when we need product materials, sales brochures, direct mail solicitations, or convention display booths that distill key sales messages or product advantages into eye grabbing visuals. We have also used JR’s expertise for the development of strategic marketing materials needed by nonprofit organizations and government agencies. These were challenging campaigns targeting hard-to-reach population segments, or seeking to raise general public awareness of health issues.

JR’s materials uniquely and effectively captured the emotional appeal of the message andwere well received by both the politically sensitive internal advocates and the general public. Our association with JR has been professional, dynamic, and exciting. His enthusiasm for client projects is genuine, and his thoughtful insights have positively impacted my business, and benefited my clients. His wit and humor makes collaborations a pleasure. After working with JR for 20 years, I consider him both a colleague and a great friend.”

Jonna Axtell Principal Axtell & Associates

“I have had the opportunity to work with John throughout the past 7 years and I have found him to be knowledgeable, helpful, resourceful, creative, informative and always “there” when I needed him. I would recommend him and his work without reservation.

Michael W. Hetzel –Sr. Loan Officer at Wisconsin Woman’s Business Initiative Corp.

“JR is a creative thinker and problem solver. A terrific person to have on your marketing team.”

Dave Wood – Founder, Agency Management Roundtable LLC (colleague)

“I am a commercial photographer, I have worked in just about ever state in North America, England, Germany, Italy and Africa. I have worked with large advertising agencies, small agencies and with clients direct. I have been very fortunate to have worked with some very talented people. The reason I am telling you this is to let you that I would put John Rickinger at the top of the list. He is so much more than just a creative director, marketing director, Illustrator, writer, designer and producer. He is all of these things, but what John does best is-he listens to his clients needs. Then he puts all of his talents into action and produces the best work possible for his clients.”

Bob Allan – President – Robert Allan Photography

“JR is an all-Pro. His work goes way beyond creative graphic design. He understands the target the audience and how to connect with them. Clients enjoy his marketing savvy as well as his ability to work fun into every project. If you want results, call JR.”

Tom Thiede – President/Creative Director – Blue Horse Marketing Communications, (colleague)

“JR has a passion for his work that you just don’t see every day. He has both large and small agency experience, a creative and common sense mind, and a zeal to please. Above all this, he is a great guy, good family man and talented drummer.”

Cliff Callis – President – Callis & Associates (colleague)

“I have known JR for about ten years, and I have always found his “can-do” attitude, positive outlook and his energy inspiring. His experience and knowledge of the industries he works in are invaluable to his clients. And most important, he has his priorities straight. JR is a committed family man and friend, and I know of few people who will go to lengths that JR does to take care of those who need his help and/or expertise.”

Jim Huebner – President – Huebner/Petersen Marketing Communications (colleague)

“Working with JR is always a pleasure. He is very client-focused, and he gets results! We have been honored to work with JR on many projects, and he has provided strong creative direction and a very collaborative approach.”

Tom Graybill – Director of Sales – Tri-Marq Communications, Inc. (colleague)

“JR is a creative powerhouse with leadership and client management skills that are world-class. He has an unmistakable ability to effectively communicate ideas to clients. His work is award winning and reflects his dedication to developing strong strategic campaigns. Not to mention, he has a great sense of humor and is a lot of fun to work with. I recommend JR without hesitation.”

Andrew Rogers – Principal – Purdie Rogers (colleague)

“JR is one of the most creative people I know. He’s a natural problem solver and tackles projects, both large and small, with unlimited energy. He has extensive marketing experience with the business community and takes great pride in providing “win-win” solutions.”

Delbert Royce – VP – Blaine/Turner Advertising, Inc., (colleague)

“JR is a creative who understands business and strategy. His vast experience on-site and in the trenches where creative marketing happens is really impressive. He gains the trust of his clients and colleagues for the right reasons – he has talent, strong character and an open mind.”

Scott LoSasso – President – LoSasso Advertising, (colleague)

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