Do I need to write a communication strategy?

Yes. Before you write a brief for a creative agency, you need to write a communication strategy. Advertising is usually only one part of an integrated communication campaign and, as such, the role of the advertising activities needs to be clearly defined within the context of a communication strategy before a creative brief can be written.

What is a communication strategy?

A communication strategy provides an essential framework for developing a comprehensive and integrated campaign. It is a plan that outlines the rationale for, and desired outcomes of, your proposed public information campaign. The strategy defines specific objectives to provide a framework within which to formulate strategies and against which to evaluate outcomes.

In the development of the communication strategy, key decisions need to be made about:

  • The range of integrated information activities to be implemented
  • What research the strategy is to be based
  • How external consultants will be used
  • Establish the roles and responsibilities of all key stakeholders in the strategy
  • Available budget
  • The timeline
  • Evaluation plan

The communication strategy should clearly articulate how all the various components of the campaign will be co-coordinated and managed to achieve its objectives most efficiently and effectively.

Writing a Creative Brief.

A creative brief is the basis upon which creative support sources produce their strategy and communication ideas. It should identify your advertising needs, objectives, target audiences, budget, and timetable and provide relevant background information. As such, the quality of your brief is the key to the success of your communication activity.

A good creative brief will:

  • Explain why you need a specific marketing activity
  • Define as closely as possible the objectives of your marketing activity
  • Place your challenge into the overall framework of your communication activities
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