The Need for Change

One corporate philosophy that I keep posted on my office wall is: If we always do what we always did, we’ll always get what we always got.

Sometimes I’m amazed how many marketing managers and professionals are afraid of change in today’s social-marketing atmosphere. With all the knowledge we have available to us on the web that lets us see better into the world, some companies still keep the windows closed and the shades drawn.

Think about how many times you may have heard someone in company management say, “Our people in the field don’t use the web… Social what?… Our customers love us… We are simple and so is our audience…” and on and on, you probably have heard some of the excuses and could easily add to this short list. Maybe they are in your own company culture.

When I hear those types of comments, I like to ask if they Google for information at home or if they buy items online with companies like Amazon?  I have yet to find someone in business that says no.

I often wonder, “How can your company stay on the cutting edge that you claim you do if it’s so easy to see what your competitors are doing, and you don’t take time to look?.

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