It’s Only a Tool

Computers and software are wonderful tools but it seems like computers have taken away our ability to think. Too many people at all levels of marketing look to the computer to think and create marketing solutions for them. Schools and clients alike expect that everyone should be using computers to create a solutions but forget one basic fact…It’s only a tool.

Just as a drawing board, a pencil and a piece of paper are creative tools. The ability to think and create original marketing solutions should be based on research and industry knowledge. I see way to many campaigns that have used stock photography for inspiration, claiming it as original ideas. I’ve witnessed way too many power point or trade show materials created with copyrighted music. It may look good and praises go around until someone gets caught. Nightmares happen when a competitor at a show or event has the same images or sound track that was well orchestrated and paid for.

How many of you are coming up with your creative solutions using your computer and what you find on the web? When I’ve asked this question to a leading college teaching future marketing creative’s…Over 60% of them put their hands up. No wonder companies are frustrated when they hire a tallent and believe what they are creating internally is great…but is stolen or without substance.

Turn off your computer”. We have become reliant on the computer giving us solutions because of all the great things it can do with type and images… but it can’t concept, it can’t think and it doesn’t know the industry we are trying to serve. Turned off, it’s as useless as a pencil with a broken lead.

Create solutions to your marketing challenges with a focus on the real needs. Then pick the right tools.

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